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Who is Theatre Momentum? Hailed as "a worthy alternative to what you'll find at improv mainstays such as i.O. or Annoyance," Theatre Momentum strives for work that is theatre that happens to be improvised. For a little about our history, click the About TM tab. Welcome!


Theatre Momentum has opened our training center!

Next session starts August 16th, or check out our limited slots in the Level 2+Intensive!


Please help us welcome our newest instructor, Erin Monahan!

Erin is a veteran of several TM productions, and will be taking the reins of our next session of Improv as Theatre classes.


This class series will teach you the skills to create performances that are believable, seamless, smart, and treat improv as a powerful tool to create instant theatre. To find meaning in every movement and expression. To mine your own personal experience to flesh out your characters. To explore your environment and subtle turns of language and staging that are heavy with meaning. TM also allows performers more stage time to develop characters and dialogue worthy of a scripted play, with actors creating characters they will keep for an entire 45 minute performance. New classes begin regularly.




Do you Dabble?

Improv for Beginners may be for you!

Theatre Momentum is offering our first Dabble class on September 4th. Join us for a two-hour class of Improv for Beginners.

Sign up here and join our class to get a taste of improv comedy/theatre.


Have you always wanted to try your hand at improv comedy/theatre? Join Theatre Momentum's Artistic Director, Tony Rielage, for a quick crash course in thinking quickly on your feet, creating believable stories in the moment, and trusting your instincts. Use improv to become more comfortable talking to groups, learn networking skills, and find your creativity.

Theatre Momentum is now opening up our largest studio, Studio C, for performance rentals. We are renting at some of the best rates in town.



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