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Who is Theatre Momentum? Hailed as "a worthy alternative to what you'll find at improv mainstays such as i.O. or Annoyance," Theatre Momentum strives for work that is theatre that happens to be improvised. For a little about our history, click the About TM tab. Welcome!

Big News!

What's happening at Theatre Momentum?

There  has been a lot going on at TM in the past couple of months. We are making moves to leave our home at the Cornelia Arts Building, and that's been the main focus of everything TM-related. We'll be starting our shows back up in the New Year, and we've even got auditions scheduled for January. In the meantime, we've got lots to do.


How can I help?

So glad you asked! While TM is in transition to our new home, we will be doing ongoing fundraising through this website. You can buy discounted tickets, discounted rehearsal space/performance space, and discounted passes to The 15 Hour Project. We want to make our new home very special, and we hope you'll be ready to join us on our new journey.


Our new space!

Theatre Momentum is moving to our new home,

Pendulum Space.


Pendulum Space is a beautiful new space we are building out specifically for improv and theatre shows. It will house two large studios for performances and a rehearsal room, and we are transitioning to this studio in the next couple of months.

There are HUGE discounts to be had! Get up to 30% off of rental space for performances and up to $3 off/hr for rehearsal space, and get 50% off tickets for Theatre Momentum's shows!


If you're interested in learning more, please click through to our Pendulum Space page.


Through the end of 2014, TM's largest studio in the Cornelia Arts Building, Studio C, is available for performance rentals. We are renting at some of the best rates in town.