2019 Season!

Theatre Momentum is proud to announce our upcoming season!

We’re opening our Dramatic Improv Training Center, producing 6 shows, and planning a festival! We can’t wait for you to get involved!


6 new shows!

Einstein (January 22-March 2)
Our 2 resident ensembles are developing their own unique dramatic improv longform performances, to premiere in January. These will be 2-show showcases.

Scarred for Life (March 22-May 4)
A two act play using real people’s “scar stories” as the foundation of characters within the play. The real-life stories will act as monologues for our actors. Auditions January 23, 27

On Air (May 31-July 13)
A serialized drama, set in a radio station in the 1940’s. Real radio drama scripts from the era will be used during the show with full foley and live music. The off-air relationships will fill in the majority of the show, with those stories continuing from week to week. Auditions March 3, 7

Mixtape (August 9-September 21)
A one-act drama that explores the complex subtext behind the songs chosen for a mixtape, and the history and subtle meaning behind each song. Auditions June 5, 9

Voyeur (October 11-November 23)
A unique immersive performance, in which the audience can follow the story from room to room as they choose. Every person will witness a different performance, depending on the choices they make. Auditions August 14, 18

The 15 Hour Project (March 9)
Our take on the traditional 24-hour theater project. Starting with improv actors who may never have worked together, we develop 3 improv shows from scratch, rehearse them, and perform them, all in under 15 hours.

The Dramatic Improv Training Center! (opens 2/24)

This is a unique training center that no other theater in the country has. Students will get 5 levels of training to teach them the Theatre Momentum style of dramatic improvisation. They’ll learn about Improv and Physics, True-to-Life Characters/Relationships, Improv as Writing, and TM’s signature show structures. And students will build their own show from scratch!

The Dramatic Improv Festival (October 3-6)

This is the first of its kind, an entire festival/conference dedicated to bringing together the best dramatic improvisors in the world to cross-pollinate, perform, learn, and network. It’s something we’re looking forward to very much. Instructor submissions in early February. Performer submissions in early April.

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