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Theatre Momentum was founded in 2007, as the natural evolution of Work(shop)-in-Progress, our signature workshop series.

The mission of Theatre Momentum is to ally the skills of Chicago improvisation with the strongest traditions of live theater. We strive to create original improvised narratives for the stage. Theatre Momentum is theatre that happens to be improvised.

In September 2005, Artistic Director Tony Rielage began Work(shop)-in-Progress, a weekly improv theatre lab designed to flesh out and polish a variety of improv show concepts he had brainstormed over the previous 10+ years. The workshop quickly evolved to bring in other performers' concepts, and the brainstorming/polishing process was honed, with the help of Nick Kanel in the early months, Don Hall for over two years, and a variety of new coaches after that.

In early 2006, WiP spawned a handful of shows that ran briefly at the Playground Theater and the Apollo Studio Theater, under the banner ersatz theatre. After this period, Theatre Momentum began to evolve, and a new batch of shows began in 2007 under the TM name. In 2009, TM got a home at the Theatre Momentum Studio. For 5 years, we ran workshops and events there.

In January of 2015, we left our old studio and opened Pendulum Space, our new studio for rehearsals, shows, and workshops.

The best is yet to come. Theatre Momentum is always moving forward...

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Our excellent ensemble is what keeps the TM shows going strong. Meet the cast...

  Anita Nicole Brown
Anita Nicole Brown considers herself an aspiring actress because (as with anything in life) she is always seeking to grow in her craft! Brown has been featured in a few television shows shot in Chicago and has played the gamut of characters in films and webseries from Chicago to LA (thanks to training from her LA coach)! Brown's goal in the entertainment industry is to change the perspective of what being a Type One Diabetic means and to give those with this disease a sense of pride and accomplishment. She knows she has her work cut out for her but she is prepared to take on the challenge!
  Nathan Burns
Nathan Burns is a diligent, hard-working student with Theatre Momentum. Theatre Momentum was Nathan's first stop on the journey to glory and smooth sailings. A Chicago resident for four years now, Nathan loves the local store front theater and wishes everyone could love and appreciate all art as much as himself. He hopes to make stops at all the staple Improv theaters in Chicago such as Annoyance, IO and Comedy Sports. And maybe Second City, but that's everybody, right? Further than just the theater scene Nathan is a rapper and a father. He hopes you enjoy the show, whatever it might be!
  Luis Roberto Castelló
Luis Roberto Castelló started improvising back in Mexico City and couldn’t stop ever since. He moved to Chicago back in 2008 to pursue a career in public relations, but he was pleasantly surprised when discovering that Chicago was also the improv capital of the world. Since then he has studied at Second City, iO and CSz, and has recently worked with Under The Gun Theater in “Reality Ever After” and Adventure Stage Chicago in “Neighborhood Perspectives.” He still can’t get over the fact that he and his friends put together “You’ll Be the Death of Me,” an awesome improvised show inspired by the Day of the Dead.
  Lincoln Chandler (Artistic Associate)
Lincoln is honored to be part of the Theater Momentum family. The Chicago native is a regular at The Mixer, hosted by the Playground Theater, and has previously performed with The Florida A&M University Essential Theatre (Tallahassee, FL) and the MIT Black Theater Guild (Cambridge, MA). When not performing, Lincoln can usually be found navigating piles of data, random neighborhoods, or the dance floor.
  Shannon Coyle
Shannon Coyle is an improviser/writer from Laramie, Wyoming. She has a BFA in Theater Performance and has performed improv and sketch comedy in Chicago for the last three years. She recently graduated from the Writing Program at The Second City and continues to audition around the city. She is excited to be working with this amazing group of improvisors. She would like to thank her friends, family, and boyfriend for the continued love and support.
  Colin David
Colin David is excited to be performing with Theatre Momentum. Scripted theater credits include: Buff in SubUrbia (Level 11 Theater), Eros in Antony and Cleopatra (Houston Shakespeare Festival), and Babbybobby in The Cripple of Inishmaan (UH SOTD). Directing Credits include: No Exit, Bug, and 100!. Colin studied Acting/Directing at The University of Houston. He has studied Improv at IO Chicago, and is currently in the Second City Music Conservatory. He has performed around town with multiple improv groups including: Plato in the 80's, Inside Voices, and Glaundor. He also works as a scenic carpenter and technical director.
  Adam Donnelly
Adam Donnelly is excited to be a part of Porch Play, his first production at Theatre Momentum. He is from Bowling Green, Ohio. He can be seen performing at the iO Theater and all over Chicago with his improv team Small Talk. Much thanks to Kasie and his parents for their unending support.
  Connor Doyle (Artistic Associate)
Connor Doyle is Virginia born, raised, and educated. He moved to Chicago in 2012 to improvise, make friends, and be cold. He can be seen improvising around the city with his friends in Cooper Manning and Rumple. Past show highlights include Parade, Elephant’s Graveyard, Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog, and Gruesome Playground Injuries, all at the University of Virginia. 
  Ali Foley
With numerous regional musicals, plays, national tours, and Renaissance Faires under her belt, Ali Foley's love of storytelling has taken her all across the country. Having recently relocated to Chicago, she is thrilled to be joining the improvisational community and working with Theatre Momentum. She holds a BFA in musical theatre from Shenandoah Conservatory and is currently in the improvisational program at iO. In her free time Ali enjoys practicing instruments, knitting, staring at dogs, and getting too emotionally involved in classic novels.
  Mick Govern
Mick Govern is back on stage with Theatre Momentum after an unexplained absence. He’s happy that the court ordered “500 feet” has been lifted and promises not to mix Mentos and Fudgsicles again. Mick directed the Theatre Momentum show “Status” and performed in “Significant Moment in the Life Of…” both at the Greenhouse Theater. He’s appeared in independent films, on stage in New York City, Los Angeles, and Chicago, and worked as a puppeteer in Chicago and Los Angeles. Mick also plays Bluegrass banjo (blame his wife, she gave him the banjo in the first place).
  Quinn Hatch  (Artistic Associate)
Quinn is an actor and writer originally from Mount Vernon, WA. He is very excited to be a part of Consequence, and has nothing but amazing things to say about everyone involved. You might have seen him doing improv around the city or in various venues in Pacific Northwest. Quinn is currently training in the Second City Conservatory and has a MFA in Dramatic Writing from the University of Idaho.
  Dan Jackson
Dan Jackson has been a part of the Theatre Momentum ensemble since 2015, appearing in Consequence, Repercussion, Fugue, One-Act, School of Life, Elements, and Holiday Dinner. He received a Bachelor of Arts from Kent State University, and has trained at the Annoyance and pH Comedy Theater. Dan is also an accomplished playwright whose written work has been performed by Blackbird Theatre Company, Whiskey Rebellion Theatre, City Lit Theater, American Theatre Company, and as part of the Short and Sweet Theatre Festival, both in Hollywood and in Melbourne. His latest full length play, The Curse on Mordrake House, was performed at Chicago Fringe Festival by Barebones Theatre Company to sold-out houses.
  Jessica Landis (Artistic Associate)
Jessica Landis is an actress and improviser, which means she spends a lot of time pretending to do things and be people. After getting her BA in Performing and Directing Theatre, she moved to Chicago where she has coached and taught improv teams at the One Group Mind theatre and with Improv Toolbox. Chicago audiences may have seen her perform with long-term-long-form group FrankenReagan at Mullen’s or at One Group Mind. More recently, she has appeared in and then directed musicals at the Annoyance Theatre. Other co-creations in the city include Truth in Science, an improvised experiment; Deuxkele, a youtube channel; and Science!, a band with jokes. She has performed at several US and Canadian improv festivals. She is thrilled to have found Theatre Momentum’s style of improv and to pass it on through these courses.
  Mike McCarron (Artistic Associate)
Michael McCarron is a short-form improviser by trade who shakes his fist at the younger, longer-form improvisers around him. He has studied at iO and The Annoyance, and you can see him around the city in such productions as, Improvised Spanish Class, Impromptu Tutoring Hours, and the musical ¡Haz la tarea! He is humbled and delighted to be a part of Theatre Momentum's ensemble.
  Will Morris
Will Morris is a recent transplant from Atlanta, Georgia where he spent his entire life. Thankfully he didn't pick up much of the accent. Will would like to thank his family for encouraging and supporting this transition as well as his friend Gavin for making it an easy decision to leave. Enjoy the show!
  Deborah Jean Parks
Deborah Jean Parks is so excited to be making her Theatre Momentum debut! She is from California and has been living in Chicago for over 2 years. Deborah is a graduate of the iO Improv program, the iO Musical Improv program, and The Second City's Dramatic Improv program. She can be seen performing around the city with her indie team, Cool Aunt.
  John Schnorrenberg
A graduate of Brandeis University, John Schnorrenberg has spent his two years in Chicago honing his improv skills at Second City and Improv Olympic. He has been in a number of indie improv teams such as Yum Yum, Thank You Dad, as well as sketch shows such as Make The Future Great Again and his SC Conservatory sketch show Progress, I Guess. He is excited to be working with the excellent cast of Porch Play and to finally have the chance to perform more dramatic improv.
  Joe Sergio
Joe Sergio is excited to join Theatre Momentum, as well as the Chicago theatre scene. He recently moved from NY. Joe's upcoming productions include A Midsummer's Night Dream (Oberon/Theseus) with "Odd's Bodkins" as well as Hamlet (Laertes) with "Midsommer Flight." His favorite credits include Reginald: From Baltimore to Billionaire (Shetler Studios), As You Like It (Long Island Shakespeare Festival) and Hair, directed and reimagined by Ben Vereen (Venice Theatre).
  Jackie Sestak
Once Jackie Sestak said "Yes and", her love for performing improv blossomed and has not stopped. She started off studying with the Neo-Futurists and then dove into performance art. This led to pursuing improv at the Second City, Annoyance Theatre and ComedySportz. Attracted to dramatic improv she’s performed previously with the groups Un/Comfortable Silences and re-Bound. Jackie is a teaching artist for Room2Improv where she works with veterans and students emphasizing the value of "Yes, and". For more information on this wonderful organization visit room2improv.com. She would like to thank Jay, her friends and family for their support. Jackie is thrilled to be performing with an amazing cast in Porch Play here at Theatre Momentum.
  Margeaux Temeltaş
Margeaux Temeltaş is honored to be part of the Theatre Momentum ensemble. An English teacher by day, Margeaux recently escaped CPS after seven years teaching on the west side of Chicago, affectionately known as Chiraq. She has trained at Second City and iO, as well as Meisner acting technique at Green Shirt Studio. She improvises regularly with the independent troupe, Domino, and recently played the double role of Mrs. Hamlin in “Mana & Her Underground Family” at Gorilla Tango Theatre. Margeaux is also a writer who has performed her own solo work at Second City, the Public House Theatre, and the Green Mill. She is currently developing a full-length solo show. It’s a work-in-progress, like her.
  Cody Wilson
Cody Wilson has done a lot of theatre in a lot of different places but dramatic improv is a new experience for him. He is proud to be part of these productions and wants to thank Theatre Momentum for giving him this opportunity. Cody can be seen performing in various sketch/ improv groups. Vaguest bio ever!
  Michael Zimmermann
  Tony Rielage (Artistic Director)
Tony is the Artistic Director and Founder of Theatre Momentum, and has been performing, directing, and producing improv theatre since 1992. He has trained at iO, the Playground, and Annoyance, and founded TM's precursor workshop, Workshop-in-Progress, and then Theatre Momentum. He is the head instructor in TM's Improv as Theatre Training Center, and sincerely believes in the immediacy and importance of treating improv as a dramatic artform.