About Theatre Momentum

Theatre Momentum was founded in 2007, as the natural evolution of Work(shop)-in-Progress, our signature workshop series.

The mission of Theatre Momentum is to ally the skills of Chicago improvisation with the strongest traditions of live theater. We strive to create original improvised narratives for the stage. Theatre Momentum is theatre that happens to be improvised.


In September 2005, Artistic Director Tony Rielage began Work(shop)-in-Progress, a weekly improv theatre lab designed to flesh out and polish a variety of improv show concepts he had brainstormed over the previous 10+ years. The workshop quickly evolved to bring in other performers’ concepts, and the brainstorming/polishing process was honed, with the help of Nick Kanel in the early months, Don Hall for over two years, and a variety of new coaches after that.

In early 2006, WiP spawned a handful of shows that ran briefly at the Playground Theater and the Apollo Studio Theater, under the banner Ersatz Theatre. After this period, Theatre Momentum began to evolve, and a new batch of shows began in 2007 under the TM name. In 2009, TM got a home at the Theatre Momentum Studio. For 5 years, we ran workshops and events there.

In January of 2015, we left our old studio and opened Pendulum Space, our new studio for rehearsals, shows, and workshops. After a brief hiatus in 2017, we are returning with new shows, classes, and events in 2018 and beyond.

The best is yet to come. Theatre Momentum is always moving forward…