Join an Einstein Resident Ensemble- Arthur wants you!

Join an Einstein Resident Ensemble!

Theatre Momentum is hosting auditions to add to our current Einstein resident ensemble, It’s Too Late to Be Arthur.

Come join the only theatre in Chicago dedicated to dramatic improvisation!

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The Einstein Resident Ensemble, It’s Too Late to Be Arthur, is looking to expand their cast! We’re looking to add 3-5 players to the current roster, Maggie Abreu, Christl Climans, Frank Egidi, Jake Green, Tom Herman, Michelle Risacher, and Rachel Sendelbach. It’s Too Late to Be Arthur is directed by Peter Athans (bio below)

This Einstein ensemble rehearses every week, Monday nights, 7-9:30 PM, starting April 1st. In rehearsals, you will learn the essentials of the Theatre Momentum style and build an improv show based on the skills and strengths of the ensemble as a whole. There is a small fee for the program, but there’s a way to get all that back. Keep reading!

After the 10 weeks of rehearsal are complete, the Einstein ensembles will perform in a showcase of 16 performances on Friday and Saturday nights at 10 PM. All auditions are 18+ only.

The details

What’s a resident ensemble?

The Einstein resident ensembles are intended to be ongoing ensembles with an regular rehearsals. The ensembles can grow and learn together and build shows specific to their own strengths. The 16 performance showcase is the first of many performance opportunities to be scheduled. Beyond those 16 performances, the ensemble has a number of options to put up shows on the Theatre Momentum stage.

Why do I have to audition? Isn’t this a workshop series?

This is not a workshop series, no. While you will learn the Theatre Momentum style, it should be considered an ensemble that builds a production, and not an ongoing class series or a drop-in class. That said, the audition is simply an assessment of your general skills and ability take direction, so that all performers are starting from a similar skill level.

Is attendance mandatory?

You are expected to attend all rehearsals, yes. While things come up, if you have to miss 4 rehearsals in a 2-month period, your standing in the ensemble will need to be reviewed.

Are all the shows mandatory?

No, not at all! We cast a larger group so that we can schedule for off-nights for every cast member.

I have no improv experience at all. Should I audition?

Improv experience of 6 months or more is extremely helpful in getting cast. While the TM style of dramatic improv is a different animal than many other theatres, having a strong foundation in improvisation or scripted acting will be beneficial.

Dramatic improv? What’s that about?

Theatre Momentum prides ourselves on being the only theatre in Chicago dedicated to dramatic improvisation. We feel that the immediacy and raw emotion of improvisation, coupled with the traditions of scripted theatre, can create performances and productions unlike any other. The Einstein resident ensembles are a great chance to learn the TM style and build productions that embrace the immediacy, bravery, and vulnerability of dramatic improvisation. Read more about it on our blog post, Why Dramatic Improv?

What’s the program fee?

$5/week ($25 every 5 weeks, payable at the start of the program and 5 weeks in). After that, payable in 5-week increments of $25.

However! We are also offering the opportunity to receive that $25 back, through ticket commissions paid out for every person who uses your discount code to buy a ticket. Need-based scholarships are also available, just email us for more details.


Yep, each performer will receive a unique discount code that gives audience members $2 off each ticket. For each ticket sold with your code, you will get back $2. As far as we know, we’re the only improv theatre in Chicago that offers this. (If we’re not, that’s fantastic!)

What happens after the 16 performance showcase?

This is up to your ensemble and your director. You can either continue with the same production you built in your first 16 weeks of rehearsal, or develop a new show. You’re somewhat independent, as an ensemble. If you want to do a new show, it can be put into the production schedule wherever there is room.

Is there an evaluation?

Yes, after the 16 performance showcase is complete, your director and the Artistic Director will evaluate every ensemble member to see who is invited to continue with the ensemble. Similar evaluations will take place every 3-6 months at the discretion of your director and the Artistic Director.

How long is this commitment?

The intention is for this to be an ongoing commitment, but we would prefer to cast ensemble members who will commit to 6 months with the ensemble.


Auditions for the ensembles will be:
Monday, March 25, 7-9:30 PM

Rehearsals will be:
Mondays, 7-9:30 PM, starting April 1st

Fridays and Saturdays, 10 PM
June 7-August 3 (no shows 7/5 7/6)

All auditions, rehearsals, and performances will take place at Pendulum Space, 1803 W. Byron St, Suite 216.

Meet the Director!

Peter Athans

Peter Athans has been performing stand-up comedy, acting, improvising, and directing for over a decade and is delighted to be a frequent part of the Theatre Momentum Ensemble. When not acting the fool during make-em-up’s, he’s probably drinking too much coffee, and looking forward to directing talented new actors who join It’s Too Late to Be Arthur!

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