Cool Scar!

Cool scar. What happened?

Theatre Momentum wants to hear your stories. Submit the story of how you got “that scar”, and receive a free ticket to Scarred for Life!


What are you looking for?
The things that injure us help to shape us. The scars we carry with us tell a story, a history, of who we have been and how we got here. We are seeking stories about how specific scars on your body came to be. These will be used as monologues during our 2-act improvised drama, Scarred for Life.

What do I get out of this?
If we select your story to be one of our monologues, you will receive 2 complimentary tickets to a performance of your choosing. Your story may end up being used the same evening you come see the show, but we cannot make any guarantees. What we can guarantee is free tickets to an amazing show. What’s better than that?

What do I do?
Just click through here and fill out the form with your information and your story (300 words maximum, please). If you would prefer to remain anonymous, you need not fill out your name and email. You will not be singled out during any show, so the name and email is just for us to send you your tickets.

That’s everything. Ready to tell us how you got “that scar”? Then click here!

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