Dramatic Improv Training Center Sneak Peek!

Theatre Momentum is opening a Dramatic Improv Training Center!
Get a sneak peek!

Theatre Momentum has a new improv curriculum that needs some polishing, and your input is highly valued. Get a sneak peek and help us tighten things up before our grand opening in 2019!

The details:

We’ll be accepting 15-18 students for a weekly class (Sundays, 4-6 PM), at a drastically reduced rate ($10/class).
The class will run for 24 weeks, and the feedback of our sneak-peek students will be essential in shaping the program.

What will be included in the curriculum?
These classes will teach you the skills to create performances that are believable, seamless, smart, and treat improv as a powerful tool to create instant theatre. To find meaning in every movement and expression. To mine your own personal experience to flesh out your characters. To explore your environment and subtle turns of language and staging that are heavy with meaning. TM also allows performers more stage time to develop characters and dialogue worthy of a scripted play, with actors creating characters they can carry for an entire 45 minute performance.

Each level is 8 weeks
Level 1: Improv and Physics – Superman is only interesting because Kryptonite exists. Students will learn about the connection between strong scenework and the physical environment in self, scene partner, and environment. Learn to be vulnerable and off-balance, get out of your head and into the moment, and use your environment to feed rich and engaging scenes.

Level 2: Realistic Characters and Relationships – Every character is you with a thin veil. Students will learn to use their own personal experience to create a variety of characters with depth and dimension, and will create rich, dynamic relationships with their scene partners, building off of the foundations of Level 1. Learn to create characters with multiple facets, and who are very different than yourself or characters you tend to play onstage.

Level 3: Improv as Writing – Improv is writing. Everything said onstage has been “written”, and should be treated as such. Learn techniques to bring your scenework closer to feeling “scripted”, so audiences feel like you must have written the scenes of your show. Explore metaphor, storytelling, planting seeds, and subtext, and learn how two write as you act.

We’ll be holding auditions on Sunday, November 18, 4-7 PM. Sign up here!

Why do I have to audition? Isn’t this a workshop series?
Don’t worry about the audition too much. This is simply an assessment of your general skills to make sure everyone is on the same page. Some improv experience (one or two levels of improv training, or the equivalent) will be helpful. We want a wide variety of experience, too. These are considerably less competitive than our mainstage auditions. There are limited slots, though, so we may not be able to take everyone.

I have no improv experience at all. Should I audition?
Go for it! While yes, the TM style is helped by having a background in acting and/or improv, you may have just what it takes.

How much does this whole thing cost?
To take part in the Sneak Peek program costs $10/class for the 24 weeks of instruction, or $7/week, paid up front. This is not a drop-in class series, so you are expected to show up for/pay for all classes in the series.

What time are classes?
All classes are 4-6 PM, Sundays, December 9, 2018-July 21, 2019 (some off days are scheduled, see below)

I can’t make some of the scheduled shows or rehearsals! I don’t know what my schedule will be next month, much less next year!
Not to worry. While we do prefer that you commit to every class, we understand when things come up. As long as you’re willing to commit to the best of your ability, we can be somewhat flexible.

What’s with the feedback part of things? What’s else is expected of me?
We want to sort out what works and doesn’t work for the biggest group of students, and to clarify where important concepts may be misunderstood. Your feedback will help us shape the classes so they make sense to everyone! We also will need photos and video snippets for promotion of the Training Center when we open in 2019, and the Sneak Peek will give us some of that (with student permission, of course).

Who’s the instructor?
Tony Rielage, Artistic Director and Head Instructor, will be running every workshop. His bio is below.

I have more questions!
Great! Email us and let us know what you have questions about. We may update this webpage if further clarification is required.

Ready to sign up? Click here!


Auditions are November 18, 4-7 PM at Pendulum Space. The auditions will run the entire time.


December 9, 2018-July 21, 2019, 4-6 PM.

Off dates:

Meet the Director!

Tony Rielage (Artistic Director, Head Instructor)

Tony Rielage is the Artistic Director and Founder of Theatre Momentum. He has been performing, directing, and producing improv theatre for over 26 years. He has trained at iO Theater, the Playground Theater, and the Annoyance Theatre, and founded TM’s precursor workshop, Workshop-in-Progress. He is Theatre Momentum’s head instructor, and firmly believes that the best improv is about vulnerable human beings acting naturally, bravely, and honestly.

Questions? Email us at info@theatremomentum.com. Thanks!

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