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The 15 Hour Project is back, October 17th!

Theatre Momentum is proud to announce our signature event, The 15 Hour Project!

Join us for an entire day of workshop, rehearsal, and performance, with some great Chicago directors. This time our shows will be directed by Matt Hicks and Jessica Landis of Theatre Momentum!
Every time we run this event, it's been a complete blast, so we hope you can join us.

Please note: This date has been postponed from our earlier post of August 22nd, and we're now holding the event on October 17th, to maximize attendance.

The 15 Hour Project consists of three parts:
A morning workshop (10 AM-4 PM), followed by an afternoon rehearsal period (5-8 PM) and an evening performance (10 PM).



The entire day of the 15 Hour Project will take place at Pendulum Space (1803 W. Byron St, Suite 216), beginning at 9:30 AM (check-in) on Saturday October 17th. Performances will begin in the Stage Studio at 10 PM.

Cost: $25!
Slots are limited, so sign up here!

This entire day of workshop and performance is just $25, to cover the costs of coaches, space, and pizza lunch.

To make sure all participants are on the same page, we require a minimum of 6 months improv or acting experience to participate in the 15 Hour Project. Thanks!

Performances are FREE, so invite whoever you like for some great, smart improv!
Questions? Drop us a line at info@theatremomentum.com.

15 Hour Project Directors:

Tony Rielage
Tony is the Artistic Director and Founder of Theatre Momentum, and has been performing, directing, and producing improv theatre for over 20 years. He has trained at iO, the Playground, and Annoyance, and founded TMís precursor workshop, Workshop-in-Progress, and then Theatre Momentum. He is the head instructor of Theatre Momentum's Training Center.


Matt Hicks
Matt is a Boston area native who has lived in Chicago for 10 years. After graduating UMass where he performed with Mission Improvable; he was a cast member at Bostonís Improv Asylum before moving to Chicago. In the Windy City he has been in the cast of the Comedysportz Mainstage, on teams at IO, as well as numerous shows including Dirty Water, Chatter & Rock FM. Matt would like to thank all those who have been.


Jessica Landis

Jessica Landis is an actress and improviser, which means she spends a lot of time pretending to do things and be people. After getting her BA in Performing and Directing Theatre, she moved to Chicago where she has coached and taught improv teams at the One Group Mind theatre and with Improv Toolbox. Chicago audiences may have seen her perform with long-term-long-form group FrankenReagan at Mullenís or at One Group Mind. More recently, she has appeared in and then directed musicals at the Annoyance Theatre. Other co-creations in the city include Truth in Science, an improvised experiment; Deuxkele, a youtube channel; and Science!, a band with jokes. She has performed at several US and Canadian improv festivals. She is thrilled to have found Theatre Momentumís style of improv and to pass it on through these courses.


Coming Soon...

The Kinetic Jam is coming soon!

The Jam has been on hiatus for a while, and we'll be returning later this year , late nights


Theatre Momentum's Kinetic Jam is our signature weekly improv jam. Soon it will be back on TM's roster, every week.

Tickets on sale soon. Keep an eye out here for details, or like us on facebook or follow us on twitter for updates!