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The 15 Hour Project returns!

May 17, 2014


Theatre Momentum is proud to announce our signature event, The 15 Hour Project.
Join us for an entire day of workshop, rehearsal, and performance, with some great Chicago directors. Every time we run this event, it's been a complete blast, so we hope you can join us.

The entire day of the 15 Hour Project will take place at the Theatre Momentum Studio (1800 W. Cornelia Ave).

The 15 Hour Project consists of three parts:
A morning workshop (10 AM-4 PM), followed by an afternoon rehearsal period (5-8 PM) and an evening performance (10 PM).

The entire day of the 15 Hour Project will take place at the Theatre Momentum Studio (1800 W. Cornelia Ave), beginning at 9:30 AM (check-in) on Saturday, May 17th. Performances will begin in our Studio C at 10 PM.

The entirety of the 15 Hour Project is just $10!
That's right, this entire day of workshop and performance is just $10, to cover the costs of coaches, space, and pizza lunch.


To make sure all participants are on the same page, we require 6 months improv or acting experience to participate in the 15 Hour Project. Thanks!

Performances are FREE, this year, so invite whoever you like for some great, smart improv!


Schedule is as follows:


9:30 AM Check in

10 AM-4 PM Workshop session with Tony Rielage
 Tony Rielage, Theatre Momentum's Artistic Director, will run a 6 hour workshop to generate three brand new show formats. The structure of this workshop will use input from all workshop participants to create some truly unique shows. These shows will be performed a few times, polished a bit, and prepped for rehearsal. At the end of the workshop session, the participants will break into three groups, to work on one singular format.

4-5 PM Break. Pizza and drink provided.

5-8 PM Rehearsal.

After break, the three show forms are handed off to our three directors, John Abbott, Erin Monahan, and Harz Sondericker. Workshoppers will rehearse the formats they created that morning, tweaking, polishing, and preparing them for performance. The shows being prepared will aim for a 30-35 minute show length.

8-9 PM Break.


9 PM Call Time.

Actors arrive in Studio C, are given the run-down on how the evening will be structured.


9:30 PM Doors Open
Doors open. Performances for the 15 Hour Project are FREE this year, so invite everyone you know!

10 PM First of The 15 Hour Project shows begins.
Performances will run about 30-35 minutes apiece, with one intermission.

Cost: Only $10!
That's right. This entire day of workshop, rehearsal, and performance is just $10, including lunch. We're absolutely capping things at 30 people, so if you are planning to attend, it's first come, first served. Payment must be received via PayPal to book your spot. Your space is not reserved until your payment is received.

Sign up here:    Sign Up Now!


The 15 Hour Project is open to anyone, though we ask that participants have a minimum of 6 months improv/acting experience. Due to the nature of this event, it's simply easier to work it this way. If you have questions regarding this restriction, just ask.


Questions? Drop us a line at info@theatremomentum.com.




Tony Rielage
Tony is the Artistic Director and Founder of Theatre Momentum, and has been performing, directing, and producing improv theatre for 22 years, notably with the Nothing Sacred Players, Trespassers Only, and International Stinger. He has trained at iO, the Playground, and Annoyance, and founded TM's precursor workshop, Workshop-in-Progress, and then TM.



John Abbott

John Abbott started improvising in late 1999, and has been through Second City's Conservatory, iO, and Annoyance's training programs. At iO, he worked as an intern, in the box office, as a manager, and bartender, where he estimates that he's seen over 5,000 individual improv shows. He's performed with Pork, Calcutta, and Uncle Pecos at iO; with Sharon Kom in the duo Photo Shoot at the New Orlean's Improv Festival; The Warehouse, Photo Booth, and currently, with member team Wing Night at The Playground. John has coached several independent improv teams, including Them, GULP!, and The Playground team Karate Van. He started the Improvisor's Studio workshop program at the Playground, and was lucky enough to attend a special 4 day faculty workshop at Second City. He's been the photographer for the Chicago Improv Festival since 2002, and shoots headshots and portraits for a living. In his Maslowe Hierarchy of Needs, improv comes right before food and water.




Erin Monahan
Erin Monahan is honored to be part of the Theatre Momentum cast again! Theatre Momentum has provided an opportunity to explore and learn with incredible artists the art of group improvised storytelling in a safe and creative space. Erin is currently studying with Paola Coletto at The School for Theater Creators.



Harz Sondericker

Harz Sondericker moved to Chicago 7 years ago. In that time he has been studying and performing improv at Theaters such as the iO, Annoyance, Second City and Theater Momentum. He is a current member of the iO Harold team pants dot com. An main stage player at Laugh Out Loud and an member of the group International Stinger. He has been teaching and directing improv at LOL for the past 2 years. Harz is very excited to be a part of Theater Momentums 15 Hour Project and looking forward to a great run of shows.


Theatre Momentum presents our Improv Competition




Theatre Momentum presents our Improv competition, [THE BRACKET].
Tuesdays, June 3-July 22
16 teams enter, one team leaves!
A $500 prize awaits your improv team.
Audience vote determines the winner, so get all your friends out to cheer you on!

All shows will take place in the upstairs lounge at Mullens on Clark, at 3527 North Clark.

Shows will begin at 8 PM. Tickets are $10 at the door.

Competition details:
16 teams will compete for a $500 prize. Four teams will perform each night. Audience vote determines the winner.


The entry fee is $25. To enter, please sign up here: Sign Up Now!

Let us know your team name, team roster, and confirm that you'll be able to make all the Tuesday night shows your group would need to be there.


Schedule assumptions:
First Round: Your team will select your own First Round date when you sign up. (Tuesdays, June 3-June 24)
Quarter Finals: Your team must be available to play on either Week 5 or 6 (July 1 or July 8)
Semi-Finals: Your team must be available to play on Week 7 (July 15)
Finals: Your must be available to play on Week 8 (July 22)

All rounds after the First Round will be scheduled by TM, so let us know via email to info@theatremomentum.com if your team will have any specific conflicts.
Please check your calendars thoroughly.


All entrants will receive a response email with details of the show. We will be only accepting the first 16 groups.

Tech details:
Lighting and sound are fairly basic- lights up/down, and an MP3 player/CD player jack. No microphones. All teams must handle their own props, if they have any. Each team will be given 25 minutes to perform, and will be cut off at that time. There will be warning lights and a timer visible, and if you'd like to have your lights called by someone other than our lighting tech, they may call lights (no longer than the 25 minutes, of course).

Thanks very much, and if you have any questions whatsoever, please feel free to email info@theatremomentum.com.


Two roads diverged in a wood, and I
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.


The Road Not Taken, Robert Frost

Fridays and Saturdays at 8:00 PM
June 13-July 26
(no performance July 4 or 5)

Tickets $10
Theater Momentum Studio
1800 W. Cornelia Ave.


Theatre Momentum presents our latest show, THE ROAD LESS TRAVELED.

The Road Less Traveled is an improvised performance that explores the fictionalized life of an audience member, had they made a different life choice at some point in the distant past. Join us and explore what happens to your life when you take a different path...


Directed by Artistic Director, Tony Rielage, THE ROAD LESS TRAVELED is:

Connor Doyle, Michael Dritto, Dennis Episcopo, Jillian Markowitz, Erin Monahan, Laine Peterson, Harz Sondericker, Danielle Swanson, Bridget Visser, and Kayla Zaniboni

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The Theatre Momentum is located at 1800 W. Cornelia Ave, just south of the Addison Brown Line. Limited free parking is available in front of the building.