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Theatre Momentum holds a variety of events every year.

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Theatre Momentum has just opened our new studio, Pendulum Space.

Our upcoming production of Consequence opens March 20th, and The 15 Hour Project returns April 19th!




opens March 20th!

Friday and Saturday nights, 8:30 PM

March 20-April 25, 2015

at Pendulum Space, 1803 West Byron St, Suite 216

Tickets: $10


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Consequence is Theatre Momentum's ongoing serialized dramatic improv show, with every actor playing the same role throughout the production.


Will the Hemsworths family fortune rule the entire town?

Will the secrets come out and destroy families forever?

What hidden loves will be revealed?
Learn this and much more. Every week is a new story...

Each week’s performance of CONSEQUENCE will fold in the narratives of the previous performances, creating an expanding world of complex lives. Join us for the complex story and a unique improvised narrative.
Actions have consequences.


Consequence is Emily Ember, Danny Galvin, Quinn Hatch, Ryan Haynes, Kyle Hendrix, Matt Hicks, Dan Jackson, Jessica Landis, Jillian Markowitz, Mike McCarron, Yazmin Ramos, and Ellen Sawyer. Directed by Tony Rielage (Artistic Director)


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Season passes are now on sale. Get yourself a huge discount on Theatre Momentum shows for our 2015 season. Grab yourself a seat at any show, any time, any date. Sales are limited, and we will close them after we close Consequence.


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Get yourself a $360 value for just $50. Impressive discounts for unique improvisational theatre.

Follow all the stories of our serial show Consequence, watch every simultaneous story of Fugue, and join us later this year when we mount the ambitious, audience-roaming event, Voyeur.
2015 will be TM's best year yet.


There's 36 performances every year, and tickets are usually $10 apiece. Get yourself the discount you deserve.


Season Passes:


The 15 Hour Project Returns!

April 19th, 2015


Theatre Momentum is proud to announce our signature event,

The 15 Hour Project!

Join us for an entire day of workshop, rehearsal, and performance, with some great Chicago directors. This time our shows will be directed by Bill Arnett of the Chicago Improv Studio, Jason Geis of pH Productions, and Connor Doyle of Theatre Momentum!
Every time we run this event, it's been a complete blast, so we hope you can join us.

The entire day of the 15 Hour Project will take place at the TM's new space, Pendulum Space (1803 W. Byron Street, Suite 216).

The 15 Hour Project consists of three parts:

A morning workshop (10 AM-4 PM), followed by an afternoon rehearsal period (5-8 PM) and an evening performance (10 PM).

The entire day of the 15 Hour Project will take place at Pendulum Space (1803 W. Byron St, Suite 216), beginning at 9:30 AM (check-in) on Sunday April 19th. Performances will begin in the Stage Studio at 10 PM.

Cost: Just $25! The entirety of the 15 Hour Project is just $25!

That's right, this entire day of workshop and performance is just $25, to cover the costs of coaches, space, and pizza lunch. Space is limited, so act now!

To make sure all participants are on the same page, we require a minimum of 6 months improv or acting experience to participate in the 15 Hour Project. Thanks!

Performances are FREE, so invite whoever
you like for some great, smart improv!


Schedule is as follows: 
9:30 AM — Check in
10 AM-4 PM — Workshop session with Artistic Director, Tony Rielage
Tony Rielage, Theatre Momentum's Artistic Director, will run a 6 hour workshop to generate three brand new show formats. The structure of this workshop will use input from all workshop participants to create some truly unique shows. These shows will be performed a few times, polished a bit, and prepped for rehearsal. At the end of the workshop session, the participants will break into three groups, to work on one singular format.
4-5 PM — Break. Pizza provided.
5-8 PM — Rehearsal.
After break, the three show forms are handed off to our three directors, Bill Arnett, Jason Geis, and Connor Doyle. Workshoppers will rehearse the formats they created that morning, tweaking, polishing, and preparing them for performance. The shows being prepared will aim for a 30-35 minute show length.
8-9 PM — Break.
9 PM — Call Time.
Actors arrive at the Stage Studio and are given the run-down on how the evening will be structured.
9:30 PM — Doors Open
Doors open. Performances for the 15 Hour Project are FREE this year, so invite everyone you know!
10 PM — First of The 15 Hour Project shows begins.

Performances will run about 30 minutes apiece, with a brief intermission.

Cost: $25!
That's right. This entire day of workshop, rehearsal, and performance is just $25, including lunch. Spots are limited, so hurry! We're absolutely capping things at 30 people, so if you are planning to attend, it's first come, first served. Payment must be received via PayPal to lock in your spot.

Questions? Drop us a line at info@theatremomentum.com.


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Tony Rielage
TM Artistic Director
Tony is the Artistic Director and Founder of Theatre Momentum, and has been performing, directing, and producing improv theatre for over 20 years, notably with the Nothing Sacred Players, Trespassers Only, and International Stinger. He has trained at iO, the Playground, and Annoyance, and founded TM's precursor workshop, Workshop-in-Progress, and then Theatre Momentum. He is the head instructor in TM's Improv as Theatre training center.


Bill Arnett
Bill Arnett has been improvising in Chicago for 16 years, performing with some of the most popular and esteemed groups. As an instructor of improvisation he has traveled internationally always bringing his depth of knowledge and remarkable eye for improv problem solving. The former head of the iO Theater training center, he launched the Chicago Improv Studio as a way to explore the concepts introduced in his forthcoming book The Complete Improvisor. 

Jason Geis
Jason has been a veteran of the Chicago improv scene since 2000. He has enjoyed playing all over including ten plus years at The Playground and iO. Other credits include Self Centered Girl at Second City and Steamwerkz The Musical at The Annoyance. Jason has studied at all the major places and has taught all over the country at festivals in NYC, Minneapolis, Boston, LA, Colorado Springs, Providence, Miami and more. Jason has also coached oodles of teams all over and has directed a number of critically acclaimed shows, including The Breakfast Club Musical, Women On Top and The Room: The Musical. Jason's proudest achievement is founding The pH Comedy Theater back in 2002. He serves as the Co-Artistic Director and has helmed a ton of shows, taught a ton of classes and had a ton of fun. He encourages you to check out all their amazingness at whatisph.com. Thanks for reading all this, and thanks to Gavin and my family for being supportive of silliness.

Connor Doyle
Connor Doyle is Virginia born, raised, and educated. He moved to Chicago in 2012 to improvise, make friends, and be cold. He can be seen improvising around the city with his friends in Cooper Manning and Rumple. Past show highlights include Parade, Elephant’s Graveyard, Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog, and Gruesome Playground Injuries, all at the University of Virginia. 


Coming Soon...

The Collider (formerly The Bracket)

Theatre Momentum's Bracket competition will return in late April.

Big prizes to the best improv teams in Chicago!


Signup starts soon. Keep an eye out here for details, or like us on facebook or follow us on twitter for updates!



The Kinetic Jam!

Coming Soon!

The Jam has been on hiatus for a while, and we'll be returning later this summer on Sunday nights!

Theatre Momentum's Kinetic Jam is our signature weekly improv jam. Soon it will be back on TM's roster, every week.

Tickets on sale soon. Keep an eye out here for details, or like us on facebook or follow us on twitter for updates!


Improv as Theatre classes

Coming Soon!

We put these on hiatus, but they will be coming back shortly after our next show opens, so keep an eye out!


Theatre Momentum's Improv as Theatre class series will teach you the skills to create performances that are believable, seamless, smart, and treat improv as a powerful tool to create instant theatre. To find meaning in every movement and expression. To mine your own personal experience to flesh out your characters. To explore your environment and subtle turns of language and staging that are heavy with meaning. TM also allows performers more stage time to develop characters and dialogue worthy of a scripted play, with actors creating characters they will keep for an entire 45 minute performance.

Classes starting soon. Keep an eye out here for details, or like us on facebook or follow us on twitter for updates!