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Free Theatre at Theatre Momentum


What is #FreeTheatre?
Theatre Momentum's shows are 100% free to the public. Inspired by our friends at Oracle Theater, Chicago Improv Studio, and other theaters around Chicago, we are piloting this model, and we hope that it brings in more audiences, from regular theatre patrons and those who may not otherwise be able to afford theatre in Chicago.


Because theatre should be accessible. Because we want to have as many people in our audience as possible. Because we believe we have something unique to offer, and nothing should slow you down from seeing it. Because theatre gets expensive to see in Chicago. We hope we can make a difference in your theatre experience, and that you come back again.

We will accept donations at the show, if you are so inclined, but that is never required. If you enjoy the show and can throw in a couple dollars, we welcome it. Every bit helps to keep the theatre running. If you just want to come back and see our show again, we would love to have you. It's improv, so it's different every time. Just a little something from TM to you.