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3 one acts plays, unfolding in harmony

Production by the ensemble.
A world premiere, created nightly.

Fugue is an instant theatre production, unfolding in harmony. These talented actors will thematically blend three individual one-act plays, in the style of a musical fugue. This unique production is a signature Theatre Momentum performance. Each show is different than the last, and weaves comedy and drama in equal measure.

FUGUE is Peter Athans, Alaina Boukedes, Alix Curnow, Taylor Galloway, Matthew Hellon Hodges, Samantha Myers, Brenton Pfaff, Blair Prince, Nicole Stull, PJ Walker, and Michael Zimmermann
Directed by Tony Rielage (Artistic Director)

Friday and Saturday nights, 8:30 PM
July 20-August 25

Pendulum Space
1803 W. Byron St
Suite 216
Chicago, IL 60613

Tickets: $10

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