Get That Job class- Sneak Peek!

Theatre Momentum is offering a new class!
Get a sneak peek!

Theatre Momentum is adding to our curriculum with our newest class, “Get That Job”. Get a sneak peek!

The details:

We’ll be accepting 10-12 students for a weekly class (Saturdays, 2-4 PM), at a drastically reduced rate ($10/class).
The class will run for 6 weeks, and the feedback of our sneak-peek students will be essential in shaping the class.

About the class
Auditions are the coals over which thespians must traverse. Cold reading, cold sweat.

This class will provide you with a number of techniques that establish a certainty of character and the tools to deliver a crafted first read and the ability to expand that in many directions. We will use one and two minute monologues and dialogues to develop interesting, challenging audition material that demands to be listened to.

Great! Send in your headshot and resume for our instructor to look over. We do want a base level of experience for all our students, so the instructor will review your resume to make sure everyone is on the same page, experience-wise. Sign up here!

How much does this whole thing cost?
To take part in the Sneak Peek class costs $10/class for the 6 weeks of instruction, or $7/week, paid up front. This is not a drop-in class series, so you are expected to show up for/pay for all classes in the series.

What time are classes?
All classes are 2-4 PM, Saturdays, March 30-May 4, 2019

Who’s the instructor?
Buddy King, ensemble member, will be running every workshop. His bio is below.

I have more questions!
Great! Email us and let us know what you have questions about. We may update this webpage if further clarification is required.

Ready to sign up? Click here!

Meet the Instructor!

Buddy King (Ensemble Member)

Buddy King is a long time professional actor and teacher who has studied and worked with Charles McGaw, Eugenie Leontovich, Patrick Henry, Del Close and Viola Spolin. Having both auditioned for producers and auditioned actors for producers he has identified the qualities that identify just what makes a performer “extraordinary” and castable.

Questions? Email us at Thanks!

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