Help The Festival!

Theatre Momentum is hosting our Dramatic Improv Festival in October, and we need your help!
Get some FREE space for loaning us your stuff!

If you’re involved with a theater or other institution that might be able to loan us some items for the festival, let us know! We are making a pop-up space for one of our venues, so it would be terrific to borrow from our friends around the theater scene to make this great.

And, what’s more, we can give you promotions in our programs and FREE space at our rehearsal studio, Pendulum Space, if you can help us out!

Here’s a short list of what we’re looking for:

Stage platforms- 4×8 (up to 16 needed)
Curtains-100′ needed
Pipe and drape
Chairs (50-100 total needed)

Send us an an email and let us know if you can help out with any of this, and we’ll get in touch! Thanks for all your support!

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