Level 1 Intensive – May 4th!

The Dramatic Improv Training Center
Level 1 Intensive- May 4th!

Join our Intensive for Level 1,
Improv and Physics!

If you would like to get a deep dive into Level 1, Improv and Physics, this is the place to go. We’ll compress all 8 classes into 8 hours (with breaks), Saturday, May 4th, 10 AM-8 PM. Take it as a standalone intensive, or take the intensive and join us for Level 2, which starts the weekend after!

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Level 1 Intensive: May 4, 10 AM-7 PM


Level 1 Intensive: $75
Intensive + Level 2: $150

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The Intensive:

Level 1: Improv and Physics

Start here and dive into Dramatic Improvisation. Students will learn about the connection between strong scenework and the physical environment in self, scene partner, and environment. Learn to be vulnerable and off-balance, get out of your head and into the moment, and use your environment to feed rich and engaging scenes.
Level 1 Intensive: 10 AM-7 PM, May 4, 2019

If you would like to join our Sunday Level 2 class after taking the Level 1 Intensive, those classes run Sundays, 1-3:30 PM, starting May 12-July 21, 2019)

About the Instructor:

Tony Rielage is the Artistic Director and Founder of Theatre Momentum. He has been performing, directing, and producing improv theatre for over 26 years. He has trained at iO Theater, the Annoyance Theatre, and the Playground Theater, and founded TM’s precursor workshop, Workshop-in-Progress. He is Theatre Momentum’s head instructor, and firmly believes that the best improv is about vulnerable human beings acting naturally, bravely, and honestly.

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