Mixtape Auditions

Mixtape, an instant drama in one act

Theatre Momentum presents Mixtape, an instant one-act drama that uses music to follow the history of a relationship. It will explore the complex subtext behind the songs chosen for a mixtape, and the history and subtle meaning behind each song through a fully improvised narrative with live musical performances.

Auditions will be held on Wednesday, June 12th and Sunday, June 16th. We are seeking to cast 10-12 players. All interested performers must attend an audition, even if you have been in the ensemble previously.

Auditions are just for Mixtape and any future productions will be cast independently. All auditions are 18+ only, and it is strongly suggested that auditioners have 6 months or more experience in improv/acting.

Pay: Performers will be paid with a split of the door, in addition to commissions for ticket referrals. As a small company, we want some part of the production income to go back to every performer, as many other improv theatres in Chicago do not do.

The auditions will run 7-10 PM on Wednesday, June 12th, and 12-3 PM on Sunday, June 16th. Auditioners are expected to remain the entire audition time, so please plan accordingly.

All rehearsals will be on Wednesday nights, June 19-August 14, 7:00-9:30 PM. (no rehearsal 7/31, 8/7)
Performances will be 8:30 PM on Friday and Saturday nights, August 16-September 28 (no shows on 8/29, 8/30)

All auditions and performances will take place at Pendulum Space, 1803 W. Byron St, Suite 216.

Please read the full details and double-check your calendars before signing up. If you have any questions email us at info@theatremomentum.com.

If you foresee any conflicts with the performance schedule, email us and let us know. Some off-nights will be scheduled for all performers. If you cannot attend every rehearsal, please let us know that as well.

You will not need to bring a copy of your headshot and resume for the audition, but please upload it to the auditions form, or email it to us. Thanks!

Meet the Director!

Peter Athans

Peter Athans has been performing stand-up comedy, acting, improvising, and directing for over a decade and is delighted to be a frequent part of the Theatre Momentum Ensemble. When not acting the fool during make-em-up’s, he’s probably drinking too much coffee, and looking forward to directing the talented new actors in Mixtape!

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Questions? Email us at info@theatremomentum.com. Thanks!

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