Theatre Momentum presents the Newton Junior Ensemble showcase!

Tickets on sale now!

Newton is our junior ensemble program, with 4 ensembles who have created their own unique shows with the TM aesthetic of dramatic improvisation. Every performance is different every week, so come back to see more of these talented performers!

Objects in Motion is: Patrick Ford, Nicole Gorski, Mo Henigman, Louis Hirsch, Samantha Joy, Matt Lang, Chuck Salvatore, and Jeff Watkins. Director: Dan Jackson

These Walls is: Charlotte Atlee, Darrionna Barnes, Dana Besmanoff, Sumeet Chhabra, Christl Climans, Mark Osleber, and Izadorius Tortuga. Director: Michael Zimmermann

Suono is: Matthew Arnold, Carmeanna Eberly, Frank Egidi, Raya Ligal Elias-Pushett, Tracey Evans, Adam Mengesha, Amber Nettles, Jules Reid, and Kasey Soska. Director: Deborah Parks

Felix is: Kat Blade, Seif Allah Bouchrara, Michael Fiddler, Jesse Gonzales II, Corey Haines, KT Lark, Brenton Pfaff, and Olivia Sieck. Director: Will Morris

The performance schedule is, in order:

8:30 PM shows
9:45 PM shows
Friday, September 7Objects in Motion/These WallsSuono/Felix
Saturday, September 8Felix/Objects in MotionThese Walls/Suono
Friday, September 14Suono/FelixObjects in Motion/These Walls
Saturday, September 15These Walls/SuonoFelix/Objects in Motion
Friday, September 21Objects in Motion/These WallsSuono/Felix
Saturday, September 22Felix/Objects in MotionThese Walls/Suono
Friday, September 28Suono/FelixObjects in Motion/These Walls
Saturday, September 29These Walls/SuonoFelix/Objects in Motion

There are two showcases each night. Please select the showcase you would like to purchase tickets for:
Friday and Saturday nights, 8:30 PM and 9:45 PM (schedule above)
September 7-September 29

Tickets: $8/two-show showcase or $12 for all four performances (click to purchase)

8:30 PM showcase

9:45 PM showcase

BOTH showcases


Pendulum Space
1803 W. Byron St
Suite 216
Chicago, IL 60613

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