Should we move in together?

The workshop… is in progress.

Theatre Momentum had our first Workshop-in-Progress in several years, this past Sunday. It was a small group, just 7 players, but that gave everyone lots of time to get stage time, a leisurely discussion and notes period, and overall a very warm environment. Exactly how WiP is supposed to be.

I’m always enthused to talk with such a smart group, and everyone was taking in the notes and asking good questions.

Should we move in together?

This Sunday’s WiP focused on a show structure called “Should we move in together?”. The impetus for the show structure came from Wanaki Shores-Navata‎, a TM alum. Through the brainstorming discussion, we worked out that the nucleus of the show idea was watershed moments within a relationship. After this question (about a couple moving in together) is answered, that couple’s life will forever be changed. No matter what the answer, it is impossible to go back to how things were before the question was answered. It was an intriguing premise to delve into.

What we ended up exploring was an interesting turn on the “sliding doors” sort of structure, and similar, in some ways, to other shows TM has done in the past (Moniker, Before and After, Significant Moment in the Life of…). But it definitely was something worth exploring more. That foundational work will go into the list of shows to develop and experiment with down the line.

Some WiPs we build the entire show in one sitting. Other times, it’s a show that needs multiple visits or a decision to put on a full production. We’ll see.

WiP originated as an avenue to build new show structures from scratch, brainstorm and try out new and experimental theatrical ideas, and to operate as a springboard for TM productions. It’s really terrific to be getting back to our roots.

If you can make it out an join us this coming Sunday, please do. First time is always free, and then it’s just $5. And there’s always candy! 🙂

Please note, we will not have a WiP session on Sunday, March 11th, as we’ll be holding auditions for Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics that day. You’re welcome to come audition for that, as well, if you like!

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