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Porch Play

An instant play in one act


Fridays and Saturdays, 8:30 PM

Tickets FREE

March 17-May 6

(no shows 3/31, 4/1, 4/14, 4/15)

All performances at Pendulum Space, 1803 West Byron St, Suite 216


PORCH PLAY is an instant play in one act. Improv actors are instant playwrights, and this production draws on that skill to create complex interweaving lives and storytelling with depth and honesty. Elements of comedy and drama are folded into the story in equal measure.


Porch Play is Anita Brown, Luis Castelló, Shannon Coyle, Colin David, Adam Donnelly, Ali Foley, Micky Govern, Will Morris, Deborah Parks, John Schnorrenberg, Joe Sergio, Jackie Sestak, Margeaux Temeltas, and Cody Wilson.

Directed by Tony Rielage (Artistic Director)

  A Hiatus.
Theatre Momentum is taking a break. The company has been going for ten solid years, and after our current sessions of classes and our current production come to a close, we are going on hiatus for one year. Pendulum Space will remain open as a rehearsal and workshop space for folks to rent out for their performance, rehearsals, photoshoots, classes, yoga, meetings, etc.- but the production side and training center side are going on a hiatus.

TM's not going away, as an entity. It's still here. Things may get retooled, revamped, or rebooted, but TM is not going away, at this time. Just taking a break, a nap, a rest. Giving it a year.

I am nothing but proud of the work of my ensemble, teachers, Artistic Associates over the years, and I hope everyone's time with TM has helped enrich their artistic spirit in some meaningful way. It's given me great joy and has shown me why I ever do the work that goes into production, to see my ensemble and students doing well.

The current show we are running, Porch Play, will be the last of the season. The production of Detergent Symphony will not move forward, nor will any of the other productions previously planned for 2017. Our upcoming Improv as Theatre class will be cancelled, and all students may opt to either take a refund or apply it to rentals at the studio. Our current Improv Fundamentals class series will also close at the end of their current sessions. We will not be doing the 15 Hour Project this year.

Pendulum Space will remain open. It will continue to provide affordable space for everyone to do their rehearsals, classes, photoshoots, performances, shows, etc. The space that was previously booked for TM shows, rehearsals, and classes will now be open for rentals. Please consult the online calendar to see if there are available times you can now book.

Please stay on our mailing list, keep an eye on our facebook and twitter, rent our space for your own productions. When the hiatus is over, if TM needs extra help, we'll reach out. If you feel like you will want to be involved with TM down the line, please feel free to let us know.

That is all. I hope this has not disrupted anyone's plans in too great a fashion, and if so, I sincerely apologize. And if TM has touched your life in some way in the past ten years, I hope that you remember it fondly. For now, however, TM is fading to black. Stay tuned.

Tony Rielage
Artistic Director and Founder
Theatre Momentum