Welcome, Company Members!

Theatre Momentum is delighted to announce our Company members!

This talented ensemble will represent Theatre Momentum in our upcoming productions, and will help develop even more shows under the TM umbrella.

We cannot wait to start the 2020 season with their skill, vision, and experience as we build new stories and more theatre that happens to be improvised.

Please welcome them with open arms!

Allison Asher

Allison Asher has been working as a scripted actor for over 20 years and added improv to her life in 2011. She has an MFA in Acting from Northern Illinois University, and has worked across the country from California to Texas to New England as an actor, improviser, acting and dialect coach for both scripted and improv productions. She studied scripted acting at ACT in San Francisco, the Stella Adler Studio in New York, and the Moscow Art Theatre in Russia, among other places, and improv at iO Theater, the Annoyance, Second City, and the Hideout Theatre and The Institution Theater in Austin, Texas.

Allison is a “second-generation” Meisner teacher whose MFA training focused in the technique. She trained with and was mentored by master teacher Kathryn Gately, who herself trained under Sanford Meisner, as well as teacher trained with William Esper. Allison has taught Meisner Technique to scripted and improv actors for over a decade, and currently teaches a class in “Meisner Technique for Dramatic Improvisers” at Theatre Momentum. She has also taught public speaking and accent reduction at Northwestern University and the University of Chicago.
Shows: Circle Place, Scarred for Life, , Fugue, and Golden Age (Assistant Director), the 15 Hour Project (Director)


Peter Athans

Peter Athans has been performing stand-up comedy, acting, improvising, and directing for over a decade and is delighted to be a frequent performer in and director of various Theatre Momentum shows. When not directing, he’s probably acting the fool during make-em-up’s all about town and drinking too much coffee.
Shows: Mixtape, Significant Moment in the Life of…, Status, River Lethe, Jigsaw, Fractal, Before and After, University, Lies, Damned Lies, & Statistics, Fugue, Scarred for Life, the 15 Hour Project (Director), and Mixtape (Director)


Charlotte Atlee

Charlotte Atlee has been with Theatre Momentum since graduating from college with her BA in theater a year ago. Charlotte is honored to have spent her first year in the acting world with such talented and brilliant artists. She is so thankful to have landed on her feet in such a nurturing and fun community so early in her career.
Shows: Lies, Damned Lies, & Statistics, Newton, Circle Place, Scarred for Life, Golden Age


Anita Nicole Brown

Anita Nicole Brown considers herself an aspiring actress because she is always seeking to grow in her craft! Since beginning in this industry, Brown has been blessed to play a number of characters that has helped her grow as an actress. From an abused wife pushed to the thoughts of suicide (A Woman And A Gun); to a woman who confronts a man who is cheating on her (Pieces of David); to a former government trained specialist (Crisis Function: Awakening); Brown love to take risks and chances! But she has yet to accomplish her main goal in the entertainment industry: to change the perspective of what being a Type One Diabetic means and to give those with this disease a sense of pride and accomplishment. She knows she has her work cut out for her but she is already well on her way to succeed with this task!
Shows: Porch Play, Lies, Damned Lies, & Statistics, and Circle Place


Jamie Custer

Jamie Custer is thrilled to be performing with Theatre Momentum. Jamie has performed around town with teams such LiveWire and Phantom Pilots. Jamie is also a writer who’s work “The Guard (The One Who Dies) was featured in the Forward Theatre Monologue Festival. He currently has a few projects developing, so stay tuned!
Shows: Golden Age, Mixtape, Porch Play


Corey Drennon

Corey Drennon is a Chicago new-comer and a South Carolina native. Although new to Theatre Momentum, she has been studying and performing improv for almost ten years. She is currently in her performance level at iO Theatre and is in the Second City Conservatory Program. Corey adamantly believes that improvisational theatre is the only thing that can satisfy her need to create while simultaneously sparking her hunger for more. She is delighted to be part of this company and as always, she thanks the Overreactors for always having her back in anything she pursues.
Shows: Scarred for Life


Michael Fiddler

Michael Fiddler was drawn to the stage at an early age. In those formative years, he was consistently cast in every summer production at Tyler Hill Camp, playing key supporting roles like Injun Joe, Augustus Gloop, and Nicely Nicely Johnson, to name a few. You may also remember him from his dead- on-balls-accurate performances of classic George Carlin routines such as Indian Sergeants and Al Sleet, The Hippy Dippy Weatherman in the Emma L. Arleth Elementary School talent show. After a nearly 30-year detour, he studied improv at Second City, iO, and the home of dramatic improvisation, Theatre Momentum. More recently, Michael can be seen (if you don’t blink) as the handsome, non-speaking bartender in the Smithsonian Channel’s Drinks, Crime, and Prohibition documentary, as well as a handful of corporate training videos that no one outside of those companies will ever see. Born in Brooklyn and raised in New Jersey, Michael moved around a bit before settling in Chicago 12 years ago. He lives with his amazing wife, Mj and their arguably-cutest-dog-ever, Mugatu.
Shows: Newton, Einstein, Scarred for Life, and Fugue


Corey Haines

Corey Haines started his improv training in 2016, completing the Second City and iO Theater training programs, finally finding Theatre Momentum in 2018 and joining their Newton Ensemble program. By day, Corey spends his time developing software and doling out an outrageous amount of love on his cat, Little Miss Louise.
Shows: Newton, Einstein, and Scarred for Life


Madison Hill

Madison found her love for acting at a young age after her mother twisted her arm and made her audition for The Wizard of Oz.  Then she continued to pursue theatre in high school, and went on to earn her BFA in Drama at the University of Oklahoma.  In September of 2018, she moved to Chicago to continue her work, and stumbled upon Theatre Momentum only to never look back. She is thankful for her family, friends, and cat. 
Shows: Golden Age


Haylee Pasche

Haylee Pasche has her Bachelors degree from the University of Northern Colorado in Acting. She has spent the last year in London acting at the Putney Theatre and filming for Birds of Prey. Her new adventure is Chicago and she’s been blessed to be in two Theatre Momentum shows and the UWW fest!
Shows: Golden Age, Porch Play


Brenton Pfaff

Brenton Pfaff feels privileged to work with Tony Rielage and Theatre Momentum’s talented and versatile cast. Brenton received his Associates degree in theatre from Illinois Central College with a focus in acting. He feels greatly indebted and would like to thank his lovely fiancee, his family, and friends for their love and support.
Shows: Fugue, Newton, Circle Place, Scarred for Life, Golden Age


Joe Sergio

Joe Sergio has been with Theatre Momentum since 2017. Recent Chicago Credits; Romeo & Juliet-Shakespeare All-Stars, El Stories: Holiday Train-Waltzing Mechanics, Twelfth Night & Hamlet-Midsommer Flight. Favorite Credits: Sweeney Todd & A Funny Thing…Forum-Venice Theatre, As You Like it & Henry IV, Part 1-Long Island Shakespeare Festival.
Shows: Porch Play, Lies, Damned Lies, & Statistics, Circle Place, Golden Age, Mixtape, and Porch Play (Director)


Jackie Sestak

Once Jackie Sestak said “Yes and”, her love for improvising blossomed and has not stopped.  She started off studying with the Neo-Futurists and then dove into performance art.  This led to pursuing improv at the Second City, Annoyance Theatre, and ComedySportz.  Attracted to dramatic improv she’s performed with the groups Un/Comfortable Silences, re-Bound, and with Theatre Momentum.  Jackie is also a teaching artist for Room2Improv where she works with veterans and students emphasizing the value of ‘Yes, and’.  For more information on this wonderful organization visit room2improv.com.
Shows: Elements, Porch Play, Lies, Damned Lies, & Statistics, Circle Place, Golden Age, Fugue, The Burning (Director), the 15 Hour Project (Director), and the 5 Hour Project (Director)


Ben St John

Ben St. John got his start about 6 years ago in Hawaii theater scene performing improv and sketch comedy. He moved to Chicago about 3 years ago to further pursue this passion. He has studied improv and writing at Second City and iO and is currently studying theater at Columbia. Ben performs, directs and produces shows around Chicago. Along with his very proud involvement in Theatre Momentum He has created and directs Jane Bond and Comedy Court which are currently running at laugh Out Loud theater.
Shows: Circle Place, Scarred for Life, Fugue, and the 5 Hour Project (Director)


Maiya Swedberg

A recent high school graduate, Maiya is planning to pursue acting in college. She has been doing theater since a young age, and recent credits include Medea and Uneasy Lies the Head.
Shows: Golden Age, Mixtape

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