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Smart. Theatre. Improvised.

In 2013, Theatre Momentum is offering an ongoing workshop...

Improv as Theatre Lab



Drop-in improv lab workshop
Saturdays, 2-4 PM

FREE/ pay-what-you-can
Theatre Momentum Studio
(1800 W. Cornelia Ave.)

Are you interested in flexing your improv muscles and learning a bit more about the Theatre Momentum style?
Join us for our challenging workshop lab!

The Improv as Theatre Lab will introduce the more experienced improvisor to the art of improvisation, treated as theatre. Improv is theatre. The best compliment an improvisor can receive is to be told a performance was clearly not improvised. This class series will teach you the skills to create performances that are believable, seamless, smart, and treat improv as a powerful tool to create instant theatre.


Each week will feature different instructors, who will each get to teach for 3-4 weeks on a given subject in the Improv as Theatre school of thought.


Interested in seeing video from previous sessions or seeing who the upcoming instructors are? Join our facebook page!


Questions? Drop us a line at workshops@theatremomentum.com.