Improv theatre laboratory

When: Every Sunday afternoon, 3-6 PM
Where: Pendulum Space
1803 W. Byron Street, Suite 216

How much: Free, if it’s your first week, then just $5 per person any week after that. Hope to see you there!

We’ve been retooling thing a bit, and now more than ever, we are focused on what makes Theatre Momentum great: Dramatic Improv.

Come work with veteran Artistic Director, Tony Rielage, as we delve deep into the world of dramatic improv. Learn new techniques, meet new faces, and grow as a performer.

Learn new approaches to show development and production.
Expand your theatrical experience, grow as a performer, build some shows, get in gear.

Every week, improvisers of all skill levels come together to participate in Theatre Momentum’s ongoing weekly improv theatre lab, Workshop-in-Progress (WiP). WiP is designed to workshop new long-form improv show formats, offer a networking opportunity for improvisers, and encourage participants to stretch the boundaries of traditional Chicago-style improv.


How is Workshop-in-Progress run?

Everyone who participates in WiP is encouraged (though not required) to come on Sunday with an idea in mind- something you are fascinated by and want to explore. Not a fully fleshed out show idea- that’s what WiP is here for!

Each player writes their idea on an index card (just a brief title) and tosses it in the bowl. Our coach then chooses one of these at random and has the writer explain the concept. Once the writer has shared their thoughts, we then brainstorm as a group.

We’ve found the best show formats at WiP tend to come from the simplest ideas, rather than fully fleshed-out show structures. The brainstorming process occurs with the entire group; we discuss the show concept, how to approach it, what drawbacks there might be, what the show is trying to communicate, and what each participant finds interesting. The coach takes in all the conversation and formulates a potential form. After a quick explanation and discussion of the form, we begin to improvise this new concept.

What level of experience do I need to participate in WiP?

We welcome everyone to join in the generation of ideas and forms, as well as the improvised scenes themselves, regardless of experience level. For the new improviser, WiP offers a friendly, inexpensive way to “test the waters”, plus the chance to play with veteran improvisers. For the experience player, WiP provides an opportunity to work with a variety of performers, play with new shows in development, and challenge the way you think about improving. The more complicated forms are often quite challenging, so the more experienced improviser can stretch some improv muscles they might not usually use.

How much does WiP cost?

The philosophy behind both WiP and Theatre Momentum is to offer improvisors an inexpensive forum for developing and challenging your improv. In keeping with that goal, we invite you to come to your first session for FREE! After that, it’s just $5.00 per session to help alleviate the costs of rehearsal space, coaching fees, and promotions.

Do I have to come every week?

While it can be very helpful and fun to participate regularly, each session of WiP stands alone. So, if your schedule permits you to only make one or two sessions a month, that’s perfectly alright — and you only pay for the sessions you attend!